Tummy Tuck Rehab | Abdominoplasty – Supporting Our Client’s Decision

Show Notes:

How do you guide your client’s decision to get a tummy tuck?

Join Lisa Ryan and Munira Hundani from Tummy Tuck Rehab as we discuss the ins and outs of this significant decision for our clients.

Surgery for diastasis recti is a multifaceted issue and one we should prepare for prior to advising our clients. We may know larger separations require surgery from a functional standpoint, but are more minor separations surgical candidates, too? Often it comes down to our client’s comfort level with how they feel about their belly. We must be careful when guiding the decision-making process to avoid false promises and help our clients understand the reality of their decision, including the different recovery times based on the surgery performed and why a team approach is best for supporting clients.

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