Rachel Shapiro | The Imbalanced State of the Uterus

Show Notes:

Does the uterus need to be balanced? What if its natural state is one of imbalance?

Listen in to hear Rachel Shapiro, a fantastic midwife in Israel, as she shares why the uterus doesn’t need to be in a state of balance. But what does this mean for our assessments?

We start this episode reflecting on Rachel’s interview last year at the Birth Healing Summit, where she educated us on the uterosacral ligament. Next, she shares an amazing story of a 4th-degree uterine prolapse and how she treated the uterosacral ligament to heal her client. We then dive into this episode’s topic, the uterus’ state of imbalance.

While the uterus’ balanced state is one of imbalance, as it is asymmetrical, it does need to be functional. Does the uterus cause pain, dysfunction, or issues with pleasure or a hormonal balance? It could. We never want to try to change the uterus as these imbalances change daily, even from moment to moment, but we want to use our assessments and treatments to ensure it can function well.

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