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  1. Cynthia Roundtree

    Thank you Lynn for a great class.
    I have one question at the moment, on the breathing instructions for a pregnant mama; is she to exhale, engage and hug the TA and do a low hum all at the same time?

    1. Yes! When instructing your pregnant moms on the exhale the TA engages to hug baby in but the pelvic floor muscles need to elongate and the low hum is to help with that. Have them try this during a bowel movement.

  2. Question #14: Except for prone you can treat in all these positions, just be careful to not assess the sacrum in sidelying as you are not comparing the same thing side to side in this position but you can also treat in sidelying as well. – This is not a question.

    I loved the class. Very helpful.

  3. Great courser Treatment of the Pregnant Body, thank you. The Test for Ilial Rotations Supine section, did you really mean to word Question 1 the way you did? I found it very confusing. R ilium in ant rot….instruct to put “LEFT leg up on a chair and “flex her Left leg back”. With the L leg up on a chair how do you “flex” it back? I would love to do the class in person and the advanced class some day soon!

  4. This was so very helpful for treating pregnant and post partum moms. Thank you for putting it all together in such a concise way that made sense, especially evaluating the pregnant mom. Although I have taken the gyno-visceral course with Gail, all of John Barnes advanced MFR classes, craniosacral, somato-emotional and energetic healing classes, you put this together in a way that was so useable and ready for clinical practice the next day. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    1. Katrina, Thank you so much for you kind words. I’m glad you found it useful and easily applicable for your practice. Thanks for taking the courses and sharing this work with your clients!

  5. This course was great and I was able to use the principles learned same-day in my practice. Very helpful hand placements and education on birthing/pelvic patterns.

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