Core Activation Protocol

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  1. I accidently made most likely another user account to get to this year’s birth healing summit 2022. So I most likely have to accounts now. In the other one I have this holistic postpartum body course, that I bought over a year ago (in 2020 before christmas) and the other account i made today… The first account I have e-mail and the other today
    So can you help me with this.
    Anne Leikas (e-mail: or

  2. What is the best position to be as therapist to the patient while assessing pelvic floor internally in standing? In front of a patient or behind? Standing as well or sitting on stool?

    1. You need to be comfortable throughout this assessment and treatment. I like sitting on a stool with them standing in front of me but slightly turned away so my hand doesn’t have to bend. Play with it and see what feels comfortable to you.

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