TPP: Pelvic Motions for Birth | 14:01

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  1. Amy LePage says:

    Great to break down the biomechanics and impact on the pelvic bones in each of the different birthing positions shown. and the importance of asking what their birth position was – and if they are comfortable and remember – showing you. I really liked that.

  2. Rebecca Meehan says:

    I often see the “splay” as well as weakness on the Right (and tension on left); many of my moms birth in supine/lithotomy, HOWEVER, thinking of the women who are told to “sleep on your left” and spend tons of time there….creating pelvic asymmetry in pregnancy as well. As well as nursing on side post-partum. Lots of questions to ask them…

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      YES! All those factors influence the pelvic bones during pregnancy when they are really susceptible to forces. Thanks for this comment.

      1. Alpa Sawnani says:

        This section was very interesting. I saw a patient who was pregnant in her third trimester with an upslip on her right side. She had no falls or injuries. She was not able to walk in the morning until traction was done on her right leg every morning. She would be fine for the rest day. So it was her sleeping position at night which could cause that. I don’t understand how it started?

        1. Lynn Schulte says:

          I”m curious if she already has a kid and might she be holding the baby on that side with the hip thrusting? If not being pregnant causes us to be more flexible so the positions we sleep could be impacting her pelvis and muscles.

  3. Josie Stokken says:

    Love all of this! I’ve teach a lot of these things in my birth prep classes for how to help baby move and rotate in the birth canal, but so helpful to think of it in more detail from the postpartum side of things. I know these treatments are going to be so helpful for my mamas!

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Josie, they are!!! Thanks for taking this course and sharing it with your moms!!

  4. Marya Molette says:

    When I go back for a c-section, I always ask the doctor to tell me the position of the baby for this important information. I do assess the baby at birth so I get to see the shape of the head and sometimes there is a red pressure mark of where it was jammed up. When the doctor gives the position I’m able to verify what I am seeing on the baby outside of the womb.

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