Lynn Schulte | Uterosacral Ligament

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Want to create magical results for your clients? Consider regularly assessing the Uterosacral Ligament.

If your clients are complaining of irritation of the bladder, urethra, or pelvic floor muscles, treating the uterosacral ligament can help and can also provide relief to clients with prolapse. Join today’s podcast as Lynn highlights the importance of this incredible ligament.

The Uterosacral Ligament goes from the sacrum (S1-4) or sacrospinous complex to the Posterio-Lateral Part of the cervix, the Connection point of the cervix to the vaginal wall and Upper 1/3 of the posterior vaginal wall (not the uterus). This means the cardinal ligament is the primary support of the uterus.

The dynamic nature of the attachments makes it essential to address the bones to decrease the pull on the muscles and ligaments. Because the inferior hypogastric plexus swims through the medial portion of the ligament, treating this ligament is critical to decreasing irritation of tissue of the bladder, urethra, and the whole vaginal vault. Due to its nature of helping with drainage, it is essential to assess if there is a vaginal lip during birth or congestion in the uterus.

The results of working with this ligament can be magical for your clients. If you want to learn how to release the uterosacral ligament, check out The Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body to learn external release and the Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body to learn the internal release. Lynn teaches these courses LIVE or ONLINE as a self-paced course.

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