Lynn Schulte | 2023 Summit Highlights

Show Notes:

Here are some of the highlights from our 9th Annual Birth Healing Summit! We are talking about the hip, pelvis, belly, pain during childbirth, therapeutic alliance, embodiment, and more. 

In this podcast, I share some of the featured themes and my highlights of the 2023 Birth Healing Summit on Innovative Solutions for Common Postpartum Care.

Carrie Hall and Sarah Duvall both share great information on the hip. Jerry Hesch chimed in as well during his interview on pelvic patterns, sharing how he assesses the hip by doing a PA to the greater trochanter in prone. I also appreciated Jerry’s simplistic and valuable whole-body approach that he talked about in his podcast interview.  Dee Hartmann discusses how to avoid creating pain during intravaginal work. Check out Dee’s YouTube video for those five exercises before doing internal work to decrease pain. Dr. Tracey Vogel’s work is inspirational and unique. She recommends patients write a personal letter about their history to put in their chart for the labor team to read. Rachel Shapiro’s talk was all about the round ligament. I now treat the round ligament at the inguinal canal site and the attachment points. The round ligament is critical to treat for infertility and endometriosis as well.  Suzanne Scurlock shares the six wisdom areas of the body, the importance of the body’s bones, and why we get inspiration when we move the body. She also explains why a full body sense is valuable for decision-making. Heather Hannam shares her treatment protocol for the SIJ. Funny enough, Heather treated me in her Summit Gift which is a video showing the protocol. Tummy Tuck Rehab did some myth-busting, and the big takeaway is not to judge our clients and how we need to watch our words.

Two points I didn’t get to share in my summit interview are that the body has its own consciousness, as sometimes the uterus doesn’t realize the birth is over, and why the issues and pains in the body might not always be physical.

What were your takeaways from this year’s summit? I would love to hear! Please share in the comments below or in the Institute for Birth Healing Facebook Group.

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