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These hands-on courses teach you how to assess and treat the pregnant and postpartum body successfullyWhether you are new to pelvic health or a seasoned physical therapist, these courses will take your practice to the next level to get your clients out of pain, discomfort, and dysfunction.

By attending LIVE you will:

  • Get Hands-On Instruction
  • In-Person Support
  • Feedback on how to do the techniques correctly
  • Community of shared learning with/from others
  • Dive deeper into the subtle nuances of using this material with your clients that just isn’t (or can’t be) covered in the online course.


PREGNANT BODY Live Course Schedule

Seattle, WA

February 2 - 3, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 1/23/24
Seats Remaining: 16

Newton, PA*

April 6 - 8, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 3/27/24
Seats Remaining: 16

Longmont, CO

June 7 - 9, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 5/28/24
Seats Remaining: 16

Greensboro, NC

September 20 - 22, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 9/10/24
Seats Remaining: 5

San Diego, CA

October 4 -6, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 9/24/24
Seats Remaining: 20

POSTPARTUM BODY Live Course Schedule

Manhattan, KS

September 30 -
October 1, 2023

Last Day to Enroll: 9/20/23
Seats Remaining: 0

Hartsdale, NY

October 14 - 15, 2023

Last Day to Enroll: 10/4/23
Seats Remaining: 2

Tucson, AZ

January 26 - 28, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 1/16/24
Seats Remaining: 16

San Diego, CA

March 8 - 10, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 2/27/24
Seats Remaining: 20

Greensboro, NC

March 22 - 24, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 3/12/24
Seats Remaining: 5

Seattle, WA

May 3 - 5, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 4/23/24
Seats Remaining: 16

Longmont, CO

July 19 - 21, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 7/9/24
Seats Remaining: 16

Sellersville, PA

October 25 - 27, 2024

Last Day to Enroll: 10/13/24
Seats Remaining: 20


Did you take the online course, but want to attend LIVE to get more feedback on your techniques? If so, EMAIL US and ask about upgrading to the LIVE course. You will pay the difference between the  price of the live course less what you paid for the online course.


We are extending the learning! 

Starting in 2024, we are making our courses 2.5 days to allow you more time to practice and integrate your learning.

2023 Courses:
8am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday

2024 Courses:
5pm – 8pm/6pm – 9pm Friday/Monday,
8am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday

*Newtown, PA Special Time: 5pm – 8pm Saturday, 8am – 6pm Sunday/Monday


Lynn Schulte, PT

Lynn has been a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist for over 30 years and is the principal instructor/founder at the Institute for Birth Healing. She has been helping moms heal from all types of issues women experience after birth and is now teaching courses to physical therapists to share her expertise. After working with thousands of women, she discovered something they all had in common; the “Open Birthing Pattern.” The Open Birthing Pattern results from the pelvic bones and muscles not returning to normal positioning, mobility, and function after birth, creating pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. All of our courses focus on a holistic approach, assessments, and treatment techniques to relieve pain and discomfort and restore function.

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