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In PT school, we learned a very segregated approach to treating the body. You learn how to assess and treat each joint but you don’t learn how to work with the whole body.

Spoiler Alert: The pain is hardly ever where the problem is.

Listen to today’s episode to learn from Jerry Hesch, a physical therapist and founder of the Hesch Institute, as he shares his whole body assessment approach and why the ankle may be the jaw pain problem!

Jerry developed a client-centered treatment approach using three guiding principles: a fulcrum, the correct angle, and a long duration. Then, understanding that the pelvis is a shock absorber, he applied spring testing principles to the bones and discovered many different patterns in the pelvis. Finally, given the spring testing principles and his curiosity, Jerry developed a practical whole-body treatment approach. He shares multiple inspiring case studies demonstrating that treating the most restricted body area makes the most significant changes overall.

His depth of knowledge regarding the mechanics of each joint in the body is remarkable. In this episode, he explicitly addresses the neck. Clients with Hypermobility or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can be challenging. However, Jerry believes they have a loss of micro-movements and recommends assessing their end-range motion to determine how to treat them.

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  1. Love this, very similar to how I practice but he’s still light years ahead of me. I always feel that the joint/joint play and esp mictomotion is the money maker. Thanks Jerry for putting into words more of what I intuitively do.

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