Heather Hannam | The Mind Body Connection

Show Notes:

What makes a great practitioner? Is it the perfection of techniques or a strong knowledge of anatomy?

Or is it something more?

In today’s podcast, my dear friend Heather Hannam, a physical therapist of 45 years, shares the holistic approach she uses in her practice to successfully treat her clients and tap into the mind, body connection.

Living in the present and working on personal growth is the key to helping you show up for your clients as they invite you into their most intimate personal space. Heather starts her day clearing negative thoughts, so she can create a safe space for her clients to share their stories. This allows Heather to not only treat her patients’ symptoms, but to uncover the root of their tension which may be an underlying emotion or trauma that needed a safe space to clear.

Join in as Heather takes us on a journey to discover how a mind, body connection can help you become a more grounded and impactful practitioner.

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