My Account FAQ's

If you need to edit or update your account information go to the Edit Account tab in the left side menu where you can update your email, name, username, and password. 

To update your shipping or billing address you can go to the Edit Address tab on the left side menu. 

You can update and save your preferred payment method in the Payment Methods tab on the left side menu. 

You can view your past purchases by clicking the My Purchases tab on the left side menu. 

To change your password before you are logged in go to the login page and click the Lost Your Password? option and a reset link will be sent to your account email.

To change your password while logged in click the Edit Account tab on the left side menu where you will enter your old password and the new password you have chosen. 

To add your phone number to your account go to the account dashboard and click Edit Address.

Please enter your cell phone number in the phone number field so Lynn can contact you directly if needed for a course. 

If you purchased an online course you should be able to access it by logging in to your account and clicking the My Online Courses + Summits tab on the left side dashboard menu, then the My Courses option. 

If for some reason your course is not showing up in your account please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com and we will look into this issue for you. 

If you have more than one student account it is easy to combine them for more convenient access to your course content. 

Please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com and give us the names, email addresses and usernames connected to both accounts and tell us which account you would like deleted.

Dashboard FAQ's

Your dashboard is the first page you are brought to once you have logged in to your account. 

If you navigate away from the dashboard you can get back to it by clicking the My Account tab on the left side of the top menu. 

Your dashboard gives you access to all of your IBH account information as well as important announcements and updates related to your account. 

Navigate the dashboard using the left hand menu tabs. These menu tabs give you access to your online courses, 

Live | Livestream | Virtual Course FAQ's

In a Live Course setting all students are in person in the designated class location.

In a Livestream Course setting students stream into a class via Zoom and participate with the Live class. Requires a functioning webcam and microphone to fully participate in the course. 

In a Virtual Course setting all students attend via Zoom. Requires a functioning webcam and microphone to fully participate in the course. 

You can find information related to your Live, Livestream, or Virtual Course under the My Resources tab on the Live | Livestream | Virtual Course Resources page. 

This page contains resources related to your course as well as dates, travel information, and Zoom links related to your course. We recommend reading through all of the information pertaining to your course on this page so you can come to the course prepared and informed. 

After taking a Live, Livestream, or Virtual course you can purchase the online version of that course at a 50% discount. 

Yes. We require all students taking Livestream and Virtual Courses to have a partner take the course with them. Being able to practice the techniques and treatments on a partner during the course is crucial to cement your understanding of the treatments. It allows you to feel the techniques on a real body and also gives Lynn the chance to correct and critique your technique before you use your new knowledge on a client outside of the course. 

If your partner is a practitioner they must also purchase the course. If they are not a student and only a model there is no need for them to also purchase the course. 

Zoom Reminders:

  • Make sure you are registered on Zoom before your live stream course. Once registered it may be helpful to login prior to the course to get familiar with the platform. 
  • To ask a question during the course you can use the Chat feature. Click the middle Chat icon on the bottom menu. You can choose to send a message to the whole class or just to Lynn if you want to ask a private question.
    • If you are in a private breakout room and need to ask Lynn for help during the course, click on the Ask for Help button in the bottom right area of your Zoom window.
  • Keep your microphone on mute unless you are asking a question or participating in class discussion. This helps to minimize any background noise during the class. To mute your microphone click the Mute button in the bottom left corner of your Zoom window. 

For more detailed information on how to use Zoom please visit https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

The Postpartum and Advanced Postpartum course require you to have a balloon, lubricant, and gloves on hand as they include internal lab work. 

Reminder: Please trim your fingernails before the course!

If you do not pass your certification exam after the first try, please take one week to review the material then email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com to reset your exam.

Online Course FAQ's

You have lifetime access to all of your online courses! During this time you can retake and review the course as many times as you would like. 

Online courses are reviewed and updated annually. You have lifetime access to your course, so we recommend checking in on the course every so often to see the updated techniques and treatments. 

The Online Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body and Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body courses were recently approved for Physical Therapy CEU credit. To receive CEU credit and a certificate of completion you will need to earn a score of at least 70% on the Final Exam. You will also need to complete a course evaluation course to review your experience taking the course. After those steps are complete your certificate of completion confirming your CEU credits will be sent to you.

Pregnancy: 7.25 CEU Credit Hours

Postpartum: 8.5 CEU Credit Hours

Your online course material can be found in the All Course Materials drop down tab in the top menu of your account. This tab gives you access to all online and live course material.

Course evaluations are important for us to gage what our students are learning and for them to give us any suggestions or feedback that we could use to improve our courses in the future. 

Our goal is to use the information from these evaluations to continue to improve our courses and give our students the best experience possible.

For questions related technology or course content please contact: support@instituteforbirthhealing.com

If a video is glitching, won’t play, or malfunctioning please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com. Our team will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and let you know once the issue is resolved.

If you are having technical issues or have questions about quiz content please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com. 

If you have a question on a specific unit please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com and leave a comment on that unit. Leaving a comment at the end of the quiz is especially helpful for content and wording related questions in case other students had similar questions. 

You will be prompted to download you course certificate after you complete the course evaluation at the end of your course. 

If you cannot find the original download of your Course Certificate or need to reprint it please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com

You have forever access to your online courses and can retake them at any time. 

To retake a course please email support@instituteforbirthhealing.com so your course can be reset from to the beginning for you to take again. 

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