Terri Robertson Elder and Jenny Telfer-Crum | All Things Pessaries!

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Are you interested in adding pessary fitting to your practice? Then tune in to hear our speakers in today’s episode as we talk about All Things Pessaries.

Terri Robertson Elder, PT, and Jenny Telfer-Crum, PT, have successfully provided pessary services in their practices. In this interview, they share thoughts on how to use pessaries with postpartum clients. Listen in to learn more about:

  • The new definition of prolapse put out by the International Gynecological Consultation. It’s not just about the position of the organs. You have to have symptoms, too.
  • Pessaries can help the pelvic floor muscles function, but there are special considerations when dealing with traumatic births, hormonal status, and tissue health post-birth.
  • Jenny states a good pessary is one that is comfortable to the client and resolves their issues. But remember, pessary use could be temporary, and as tissues change, the pessary size and shape may also need to be adjusted. Offering continuity of care over time for our clients using pessaries is essential.

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