Confidence in Your Core, Pelvic Floor and More

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome and Introduction  
Module 2 Diastasis Recti Assessment
Unit 1 Diastasis Recti  
Unit 2 How to Measure For Diastasis Recti  
Unit 3 How to Measure For Diastasis Recti Part 2  
Unit 4 New Focus in Assessing Diastasis Recti  
Unit 5 It's not just about the measurements!  
Unit 6 To Splint or Not To Splint?  
Unit 7 Diastasis Recti Review  
Module 3 Abdominal Anatomy and Function
Unit 1 The Abdominal Muscles  
Unit 2 The Effects of Pregnancy on the Abdominal Muscles  
Unit 3 The Core  
Unit 4 Overactive Oblique Muscles  
Unit 5 Warning for core and excess fat  
Unit 6 What about this?  
Unit 7 Abdominal Anatomy Review  
Module 4 Oblique Stretch and Recti Release Techniques
Unit 1 Oblique Stretch  
Unit 2 Oblique Stretch and Recti Release Technique  
Module 5 Head Lift Exercise
Unit 1 Head Lift Exercise  
Unit 2 Head Lift Handout  
Module 6 Breathing
Unit 1 Proper Breathing for Core Activation  
Unit 2 Breathing Handout  
Unit 3 Breathing Review  
Module 7 Intra Abdominal Pressure
Unit 1 Intra Abdominal Pressure  
Unit 2 Intra Abdominal Pressure Review  
Module 8 Posture and Alignment
Unit 1 Posture and Alignment  
Unit 2 Posture Awareness  
Unit 3 Posture and Alignment Handout  
Unit 4 Posture and Alignment Review  
Module 9 Pelvic Floor Issues
Unit 1 Pelvic Floor Anatomy  
Unit 2 Pelvic Floor Function  
Unit 3 Pelvic Floor Muscles Impact on Birth  
Unit 4 Pelvic Floor Muscles Self Exam  
Unit 5 Pelvic Floor Muscles Review  
Module 10 Core Strengthening Exercises
Unit 1 Inner Core Activation Intro  
Unit 2 Inner Core Activation - Phase 1  
Unit 3 Example of Good Engagement of the Core  
Unit 4 Good and Bad Examples of Core activation  
Unit 5 Are you ready for phase 2?  
Unit 6 Core Activation Phase 2  
Unit 7 Are you ready for Phase 3?  
Unit 8 Core Activation Phase 3 - End Range Pulses  
Unit 9 End Range Pulses  
Unit 10 Are you doing the pulses correctly?  
Unit 11 Core Activation Phase 4 -Reflexive Core  
Unit 12 Is your core reflexive?  
Unit 13 Inner Core Activation Phase 5  
Unit 14 Hands and Knees Activation of Core  
Unit 15 Is your core functional?  
Module 11 Core Strengthening Progression Exercise
Unit 1 Transverse Abdominal Progression  
Unit 2 TA Progression Exercise Sheet  
Module 12 Cesarean Section Scar Tissue Issues
Unit 1 C-Section Scaring  
Unit 2 How to Massage Your C-Section Scar  
Module 13 Are your Pelvic Organs in Place?
Unit 1 Prolapse  
Module 14 Other Exercises
Unit 1 Shoulder Stretch Exercise  
Unit 2 Squatting Exercise  
Unit 3 Calf Stretch  
Unit 4 Sciatica Exercise  
Unit 5 Hip Stretches  
Unit 6 When to do what EXERCISE  
Module 15 Mastering Movements
Unit 1 Introduction - Mastering Movements  
Unit 2 Breastfeeding  
Unit 3 Carrying Baby  
Unit 4 Laying Down and Getting Up  
Unit 5 Sitting Habits  
Unit 6 Toileting Habits  
Unit 7 Walking for Pelvic Organ Support  
Module 16 The Pelvis, Birth, and Aftermath
Unit 1 Pelvic Motions During Birth  
Unit 2 Is Your Pelvis Still Birthing?  
Module 17 Your Psoas Muscle
Unit 1 Manual Psoas Release  
Unit 2 Psoas Stretches  
Unit 3 Passive Psoas Release  
Unit 4 What's Next