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The Cervix

Do you know how to assess and treat the cervix? Did you know the cervix is the linchpin of the pelvic space?

If you are a body worker who performs intravaginal work listen in to today’s podcast as Lynn shares why the cervix needs to be an essential part of your assessment and treatment plan. 

The cervix is located midline past the urethra and bladder and feels like the end of a nose. It can be found anywhere in the pelvic cavity, especially postpartum. When the cervix is out of alignment, it can push into the bladder and contribute to a client’s feeling of bladder frequency and urgency. In our treatments, we need to encourage the cervix to be posterior and superior in position. There should be good space between the bladder and cervix. The cervix has relatively free mobility like a piñata. When it is restricted and found to be on one side or another there is a great chance of pelvic floor tightness which can result in pain or bladder complaints from your client. Treating the cervix then the bladder often means there will be less work to do on the pelvic floor muscles. 

The cervix is the black box recorder of the pelvic space. When a finger is placed on the cervix and it is asked to release anything that is no longer serving it, as a provider you can feel it soften. It is especially important with biopsies and trauma. It is the linchpin for treating the pelvic space. 

To learn more about assessing and treating the cervix as well as other techniques to help your postpartum clients check out the Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body available as a self-paced online course or as a live course.

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