Be The Go-To-Expert

Continuing Education Courses For Pelvic Health Professionals

Welcome To The Institute For Birth Healing

Where Professionals Become Experts
at preparing individuals for birth and healing from labor and delivery

Classroom and Online Courses

Here You Will Be Guided Through A
Comprehensive And Holistic Approach
To Pregnant And Postpartum Care

Whether you are sitting in the room, streaming live, or online, you will experience the balance between lecture-style instruction and hands-on learning.

We believe in the power of knowledge and skills.

You Will Be Encouraged
To Ask Questions And
Share Your Clinical Experiences

You will leave the course with a deeper level of understanding and a higher level of thinking by being exposed to diverse perspectives.  

We believe in the benefits of collaborative learning.

You Will Gain Deep Insight
By Being  A Lab Partner 

By practicing and receiving the treatment techniques you will experience firsthand what your clients experience, helping you with empathy and compassion.

We believe in the importance of personal connection.

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