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Learning To Prepare Moms for Labor/Delivery and Heal After Birth

Now more than ever we need to come together and learn from each other.  We are here to support you and your practice in healing moms more completely and easily after birth.    

Our expert speakers will help you learn more about working with Diastasis Recti, prolase, dealing with trauma, pelvic floor, and how to protect your intellectual property online.


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Meet the Speakers

Diane Lee

Diane Lee, PT

Posture, Pressures and Prolapse with US Imaging

  • The 5 diaphragms connected to prolapse
  • US imaging of postures impact on pelvic floor function
  • Evidence of how the ankle can affect prolapse

Susan Clinton, PT

The Significance of High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy and Heart Rate Variability

  • What high blood pressure during pregnancy predicts for menopause
  • What is Heart Rate Variability and why it’s important
  • How to use Heart Rate Variability with our clients

Lynn Schulte, PT

Shifting Limiting Beliefs to Heal Birth Trauma

  • How limiting beliefs are affecting our tissues/body/lives
  • The 3 step process for shifting Limiting beliefs
  • How to use the Trauma Release statement
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Jessica Drummond, PT

Better Patient Care Through Digital Health Coaching During Pandemic and Beyond

  • Why Jessica is considered a “Long Hauler”
  • Is the Covid-19 vaccine recommended in Pregnancy?
  • The 2 questions to ask on any decision with vaccines/COVID-19
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Nari Clemons, PT

How to Create Boundaries and Take Care of Our Self

  • The best thing we can do for ourselves and the world
  • How to create boundaries for ourselves
  • The #1 thing we all need to be doing in our life for greater success
  • Avoiding The Bermuda Triangle of Emotions
Brianna Battles

Brianna Battles

Working with Athletes in Pregnancy and Postpartum

  • How to best support athletic moms in birth and postpartum
  • What is athletic brain and how to work with it
  • Understanding postpartum athletic progression and leaps
  • A pelvic floor activation cue that blew up on social media
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Raylene Phillips, MD

Supporting Families through preterm birth and NICU stays

  • 3 ways moms communicate with baby
  • The importance of the sacred hour
  • The easiest way to help clear birth trauma from baby
Gail Wetzler

Gail Wetzler, PT

How to Recognize, Reframe and Release - The Importance of a Team Approach

  • Learn when healing can actually occur
  • Which system of the body reigns supreme 
  • The intricate details of listening to the body
Ellen Heed

Ellen Heed, CSB

Scar Tissue Management in the Postpartum Body

  • The 4 domains of healthy tissues
  • What to look for with Upregulation of CNS
  • The altered sexual response in the postpartum body
  • Ways to help resolve scar tissue
Jerry Hesch

Jerry Hesch, PT

A New Treatment Approach of the SIJ and Bony Pelvis

  • How to fix a posterior sacrum- a pregnancy case study
  • The different patterns found in the SIJ/pubic joint
  • Why women are more prone to SIJ dysfunctions
  • How to assess and fix a side bent coccyx
Anna Crowle

Anna Crowle, PT

How to Recognize, Reframe and Release - The Importance of a Team Approach

  • Why prolapse is not caused by weakness or falling organs
  • The #1 thing we have to help our clients feel to be effective
  • How biotensegrity explains our body’s inherit functioning
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Carol Phillips, DC

2 Quick and Easy solutions to stopping Pain in Pre and Post Natal

  • #1 thing that causes torsions/imbalances in our pregnant clients
  • 2 Important Exercises to create better balance in the pregnant body 
  • What’s really causing back pains in labor?
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Rachel Shapiro, Midwife

Pelvic Anatomy Variations and Breech presentations

  • Where the uterosacral ligament really attaches more commonly
  • Why babies choose a breech position and what we can do about it
  • Common patterns we are seeing in the body post birth
Tami Kent

Tami Kent, PT

The Magic of Pelvic Energy and the Birth Field

  • The most powerful tool we possess
  • The magic of the medicine in our pelvic space for healing
  • How trauma shows up in the pelvic energy
  • How to sense energy in the body
Rachelle Garcia Saliga

Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

Innate Physiology Not Conditioned Morality through the Childbearing Continuum

  • Why Omega 3’s are important through the childbearing continuum
  • How and why Cholesterol is so beneficial in the postpartum period
  • What we all need to be striving for as nature intends
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Sofie Jacobs, Midwife

Birth Trauma Impact on Subsequent Pregnancies

  • Questions we need to be asking our clients prior to subsequent births
  • The power of a birth debrief
  • What needs to be addressed prior to a VBAC
Grainne Donnelly

Grainne Donnelly, PT

Clinical Reasoning for Assessment/Treatment of Diastasis Recti

  • What to focus on when your clients with DRA aren’t progressing
  • The fine line of loading the tissues and what to look for when it’s too much
  • A mnemonic to help guide your treatment and assessments of DRA
Juan Martin

Juan Michelle Martin, PT

Combining the Pelvic PT and Doula for Improved Maternal Outcomes

  • Red flags to watch out for after birth
  • The most important thing to have to offer your postpartum clients
  • Ways to help with the disparities of maternal mortality
Ramona Horton

Ramona Horton, PT

The Brain, Diastasis Recti, Prolapse, and the Hips

  • US imaging of Linea alba distance before and after treatment
  • How anteversion of the hips is affecting the pelvic floor
  • The liver and messentaric roots connection to DRA
  • The brain’s role in tissue response to our treatments
Lisa Fraley

Lisa Fraley, JD

Protecting your Online Intellectual Property

  • What, when and how’s of Trademark and copyright use
  • How to best protect your online intellectual property
  • Best steps when someone is using your content without consent

Meet Your Host


Lynn Schulte is the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing where she sees pregnant and postpartum women for healing bodywork sessions and also teaches internationally to birth professionals to help them more effectively and holistically treat pregnant and postpartum moms.  As a women’s health physical therapist with over 30 years of experience, Lynn knows how to prepare their bodies for birth and heal after delivery.  She is sharing her knowledge with other birth professionals so they can do the same.  The Institute for Birth Healing offers a certification program to become a Certified Birth Healing Specialist.