The 2021 Summit was a success!

We’re already gearing up for 2022!

2021 Summit Interview Highlights

Miss the Summit live? Don’t worry…

The All Access Pass Is Still Available For Purchase!

Gain Lifetime Access To One of the Best Summits Yet

The Birth Healing Summit is a space for us to come together and share knowledge on how to best heal moms after birth. Each year our expert speakers share top information and techniques that they have developed in their own practices.

Our hope is for you to use the information from the Summit in your own work to more fully heal your clients.

All Access Benefits

The All Access Pass has many perks and benefits for you to take advantage of to get the most out of the Summit content. 

Forever Access

The All Access Pass gives you lifetime access to all of the speaker interviews and content. This allows you to go back and review the interviews as many times as you need to to learn techniques and practices discussed in the interviews. 


All Summit passes provide the interviews in video format. Lifetime access to the entire video collection of speaker interviews. This allows you to come back and review all the great techniques the speakers shared in their interview.


The more recent Summit All Access Passes also include the interview audio. Download to your mobile device and take with you while on the go. Also great to listen while on a run, working out at the gym or on an exercise bike.


The more recent Summit All Access Passes also include a transcript of the interviews. This format is perfect for the visual learner who needs to read the content. Also a great way to take notes and highlight points of interest for future reference.

Interested in being a speaker for the 2022 Summit?

We are looking for established birth healing professionals to collaborate with us to make the 2022 Summit a success. We look for speakers who are willing to promote and spread the word of the Summit, in partnership to receive affiliate commissions for promotions.

We are accepting speaker applications now until November 1st. Lynn will review and follow up on applications during this time.